Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tiger Football!

If summer HAS to come to an end (and I would rather it didn't), it's a good thing something great season! We decided to make a weekend of the first Tiger game and spend two nights with some of our St. Louis friends, Katie & Greg. So, we hit up the grandparents to watch the girls and Devon and I were able to spend most of the weekend kid-free. What better thing to do than watch the Tigers play Illinois! (Ok, maybe there are a few things better, but this is WAY up there.) Along with our friends, Jeff & Samantha, we drove to St. Louis Saturday morning and eventually made our way downtown. We ate hot wings & fried pickles at Hooter's, took in some Dr. Zhivegas at the Bud Light tailgate and then went to the game.

The game itself was great and Mizzou played pretty well, albeit allowing the other team to score too many points, but I'll take 52 points from the Tigers any day.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing Rock Band on the Wii, playing cards, at the driving range and just relaxing. An awesome weekend and we're looking forward to more Tiger football!

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