Monday, September 15, 2008

Bunk Bed Fun

Earlier in the summer we purchased a loft/bunk bed for Cameron, with the hope of moving Rory into her room when she gets old enough for a "big" bed. I was thinking this would be closer to her 2nd birthday (April), but Friday night Devon decided to try it out and put Rory in the bottom bunk to go to sleep. It actually went pretty well. She only got up 3 times and each time Devon just took her back to the bed. He said he didn't even hear her getting up. She would just toddle out with blanket in tow into our room where Cami was watching a movie. After the 3rd time, she stayed there and slept until morning.

The next night, we had been over at a friend's house and got home late, but I thought I would try it again to see how she did. Not too long after I put her down, she quietly toddled out with blanket in tow and I took her back. The next time, we were already in bed, but we heard noises so Devon got up to check on her. She was having a good old time with the play kitchen like it was the middle of the day. So, he put her back in bed. Not too long after we heard noises again. It was my turn and did I get a shock. Rory was on the top bunk (where Cameron was CONKED OUT) walking around and laughing. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. I couldn't believe Cami slept through it and Rory was so pleased with herself. I wanted to leave her there and get the camera, but I got her down and decided the crib was still the best place for her for now.


EE said...

LOL! I can picture Rory doing that!! You're going to have to watch out for her when she gets older;)

Anna Casey said...

Fun stories!