Monday, October 26, 2009

Cameron's Pumpkin

This is what Cameron & Devon did with her pumpkin. Since she picked such a petite pumpkin, it turned into a pretty small jack-o-lantern. With the candle I put inside (which is just a tealight), you can't put the top on or it starts burning the pumpkin lid, but oh how cute it is.

Field Trips

Cami's school has taken several field trips already. They first got to tour Hy-Vee & Shakespeares's, then the fire station near their school. Rory & I were able to join them on their trip to Peach Tree Farms where they got to feed animals, take a hayride, go through a maze and pick out their own pumpkin. It was a cold day, but the kids had a lot of fun anyway.

Posing by the pumpkins

Feeding the goats

On the hayride

Picking out their pumpkins

The whole class (Cami seems to be hiding)