Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of the Year Highlights

Halloween - Alice & the Red Queen

College GameDay Fun


Great snowman around Christmas

The twins came home after nine weeks and are doing great! Dilynn currently weighs in at 10 lbs and Lorelai 9.8 lbs. Growing and smiling and cooing - so cute! I haven't seen them as much as I'd like because of several sicknesses. I'm so ready for winter to be over and that's not happening any time soon since Snowpocalypse is about to descend upon us.

We had a great Christmas as well - missed out on spending time with my extended family, but had a low-key Christmas morning at home and then lunch at my sister's with her family & my dad. We spent the day after with Devon's family. The girls had a great Christmas, necessitating a cleanup/reorganization of their room. They're pretty good about giving their toys away and understand that those less fortunate need toys as well.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Proud Aunt

As if I wasn't proud enough of my own children, I am incredibly excited about the birth of my identical twin nieces! My sister (and her husband) has been quite the trooper, first of all being surprised to be pregnant with twins, but with a very unusual twin pregnancy. Mono mono twins, actually, where both twins are in the same sac, making cord entanglement a very high risk. High risk enough that she had to spend 6 weeks on bed rest in the hospital, only to deliver her girls ten weeks early. Two weeks ago tomorrow, they were born. Dilynn Renae weighed in at 2 lb, 14 oz and Lorelai Ann was 2 lb, 8 oz. At present, they are both doing well, breathing almost without assistance. Feedings are the big issue now. Dilynn's been doing pretty well and is up to 3 lb, but Lorelai's stomach is not quite ready. They have given her a few feedings and the doctors say this is all very normal for the age they actually are. They are SO beautiful, though. Tiny, but very beautiful. If you're interested, you can see their blog at

...and my Preschooler

Rory started preschool yesterday. A year earlier than I started Cameron, but she's ready, wanting to follow in big sister's footsteps. She's going twice a week, from 9-1. First day was a success, but I wasn't at all surprised. She doesn't take as long to acclimate to a new situation as Cameron does. The teachers said she did great and were impressed by all that she already knows...colors, letters, numbers, etc. So proud!

My Kindergarten Girl...

After almost three weeks of school, I actually got a little teary-eyed today. My beautiful 5-year-old has let me drop her off each day. With a hug, a kiss and an I love you to both Rory and I, she grabs her backpack, puts in on her back and strolls into school all by herself. She looks so big and yet so small, but I am so very, very proud of her. She has stories to tell and people to talk about, almost every day. She was even a little sad that Monday was a holiday and she had to miss school.

10-Year Anniversary

Devon and I celebrated 10 years of marriage at the beginning of August. 10 YEARS! It's crazy to think back what all we've been through, good and bad, in that time. It's been quite a ride and I hope the next 10, 20, 50 years hold more laughter, more fun, more good times than sadness and tears. Whatever they hold, I look forward to spending them with him.

We planned a somewhat last-minute trip to Mexico, although we had been talking about going somewhere for months. We picked an adults-only resort in Cancun that turned out to be perfect for what we wanted to see & do...relax, eat, shop, a little bit of adventure (more for Devon than me) and just all around beautiful scenery. Not to mention, one week without the girls and we knew they were in good hands. They spent the week on their grandparents RV and had as great a time as we did.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


My favorite time of year! I love being warm. I love lounging out by a pool or in my backyard. I love the smells of sunscreen, flowers, cut grass and BBQ. We are having a pretty relaxing summer and I love that!

Cameron is in summer school - kindergarten! I think she is enjoying it even though almost 3 weeks in, she still resists when I drop her off. I thought she'd be ok by this week, but no. It's going to be tough having 4 weeks off from school and doing this all again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Rory, on the other hand, is trying to figure out what being an only child for 8 hours of the day is like. She likes to be close to me and sometimes I need a little space...ha! We are enjoying each other's company, though. We swim, have play dates, go shopping, etc. This could be a little why Cami doesn't want to go to school. She thinks Rory and I are having tons of fun without her, which is SOMETIMES true, but more often than not, we're just hanging at home.

That's about all for now. Hopefully I'll get in the habit of blogging more, but I have said that a lot.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rory Turned 3!

Three years ago, I was more than a little surprised to give birth to a redhead. That redhead easily stole our hearts and has given us much joy the past three years.

Three things I love about her:

1. She is very friendly & doesn't really show favoritism.

2. She is a cuddler. She still loves to snuggle up regularly with us.

3. She loves her big sister wholeheartedly. Though they fight often, I don't think there is any person she'd rather be with. I hope that never changes!

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Rory!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling Loved

Something we all long for, to be loved, to be known, right? One of my love languages is "gifts". I love getting a gift, but more importantly, love getting something that is "me". Knowing that someone has paid attention to pick out something that I will love means the world.

Luckily my husband is pretty good at doing just that. He made Valentine's Day special this year just by being here, but also by doting on me over a few days time.

Thursday he showed up with flowers (daisies, one of my faves) in beautiful pink & purple! Not to be forgotten, the girls each got a flower and valentine of their own.

Friday, around the vase of flowers was the Bon Jovi scarf I hinted with lyrics from Bon Jovi songs written in a sparkly silver. Love it! Plus, he arranged a date night...dinner & a movie on our own. Perfection.

Saturday, he got me something that allows me to listen to my ipod in our new car. Yay!

Finally, on Valentine's Day I got a box of white chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy!

I love him so very much and am so thankful for him!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cameron Turns 5

Five years ago, my firstborn came into the world. It's hard to believe she's already five, has been attending preschool & will be starting kindergarten this year.

Here are five things I love about her:

1. She has learned several song prayers at preschool this year and makes sure we pray before we eat a meal.

2. She loves to sing & dance, especially to Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana & the Glee cast.

3. She is very sweet & loving to her little sister...well, at least in public. Not always at home, but I know what it's like being the big sister & the little one is always in your stuff (Just kidding, Jordan!)

4. She can carry on a conversation. She tells me about school or church or something she's watching or playing with. I love that!

5. She has a really good memory. She remembers things from 2 or 3 years ago, which seems pretty impressive to me.

She is a beautiful, smart, independent, strong-willed (or passionate) five-year-old. I love you Cameron Jo!

One More Christmas

I've been lazy and haven't been on the computer that holds all our pictures, but I wanted to post some of Christmas in Ashland with Devon's family. Wish I'd taken a picture of the food because in the past few years, we've been having a non-traditional meal. This year it was crab legs & prime rib. Yummy!

Girls opening presents

Rory & her Mickey Mouse computer

Jake playing with a Hannah Montana doll

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Cameron was in her first Christmas play and I'm sure it won't be the last. She played an angel and had one of the longest lines. She did so great! Her class also sang three songs, one of which they learned sign language, too. They all did very well!

Cami saying her line

The three blonde angels

On Christmas Eve, we traveled to Dixon to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was the first without my grandpa and things were a little different. However, no matter how many people we've lost, we're still able to celebrate Jesus' birth together. The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins & opening the gifts my aunts & cousin gave them.


For once, she posed without complaint!

This one has no problems posing for a picture!

A rare picture of us

For the first time ever, we spent Christmas Day at our house. We can see this becoming a new tradition for us. We actually woke up before the girls, then Rory woke up and Devon was trying to not wake Cami up, but she bolted up in bed as soon as he entered the room. Then he tried to quickly get out to start the song we play Christmas mornings..."You Gotta Get Up", but she was right behind him (and she has to climb down a ladder!) Anyway, it was great seeing their excited and slightly overwhelmed faces at all their presents and being excited for others to open their presents as well. I love that! My dad, sis & bro-in-law came over for presents in the morning and the rest of the day was spent eating & relaxing, a great Christmas!

Christmas morning