Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Proud Aunt

As if I wasn't proud enough of my own children, I am incredibly excited about the birth of my identical twin nieces! My sister (and her husband) has been quite the trooper, first of all being surprised to be pregnant with twins, but with a very unusual twin pregnancy. Mono mono twins, actually, where both twins are in the same sac, making cord entanglement a very high risk. High risk enough that she had to spend 6 weeks on bed rest in the hospital, only to deliver her girls ten weeks early. Two weeks ago tomorrow, they were born. Dilynn Renae weighed in at 2 lb, 14 oz and Lorelai Ann was 2 lb, 8 oz. At present, they are both doing well, breathing almost without assistance. Feedings are the big issue now. Dilynn's been doing pretty well and is up to 3 lb, but Lorelai's stomach is not quite ready. They have given her a few feedings and the doctors say this is all very normal for the age they actually are. They are SO beautiful, though. Tiny, but very beautiful. If you're interested, you can see their blog at

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