Monday, September 29, 2008

WOW Retreat

This past weekend, I attended the WOW (Women of Woodcrest) Retreat held at the Hyatt at Union Station St. Louis. This was my first women's retreat, partly because I have been busy on the weekends they've fallen and partly because I always thought I was too young to attend, like I wouldn't fit in or something. That was not the case this year. The location, the band, speaker and genuine women and friends all made for an incredible time of fellowship, community-building, worship, spiritual insight and retreat. I'm so grateful I was able to go this year and already looking forward to next year!

Dinner on Saturday night. Yes, there were boys. They're in the band.

Tricia & Carrie playing some Guitar Hero during Saturday night's free time.

Self-portrait of Karen, Niki & myself

Janel & Lori rocking out!

Niki & JP bustin' a move to Hannah Montana (it was quite funny!)


donna said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny!! Love that laugh in the background; wonder who that is??

EE said...

I would have gone, but we had our TKD tourney:(
Love the video at the end!

The Casady Clan said...

Erin - It was a great time, but sounds like TKD was as well. Nice job on all the great finishes! I love that it's something your whole family is involved in...and loves!

CrazyDeb said...

Wish I could have gone but was working in Florida - have only been to one and wish you could have gone before. It's good for WOW of all ages to bond. So glad you went and enjoyed it!