Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fighting Sisters

The girls have started fighting...already! I never would have expected the sibling fights and bickering to begin at such an early age, but alas, it's here. It's not just the older sister picking on the little one either. No, they both dish it out. Rory wants to have everything her sister has which makes for a good time when more often than not, Cameron's just not going to give it to her. She'll run away and Rory takes off after her. Rory also mimics everything her big sister does. Cameron was walking to her room "exasperated" about something and she let out an "Ugh", walked to her room, accidentally hitting a bowl of Cheerios sitting on the table. Rory followed, made her own noise and purposely hit the bowl. :) So, their fighting isn't ALWAYS irritating, at times it can be funny. This is a picture of Rory when she's mad at me, but it's pretty much the same "mad" face she has with her sister.

I've commented on it before, but I do love how Cami is so protective of her sister in public. She gets a little shy and takes a while to warm up to people, so instead she'll shower her sister with love and affection in the midst of a crowd. Pretty cute, although we are continually working on manners and at least saying "Hi" when people are talking to her. Here they are together, in a happy, silly moment.

Sidenote: Here's the picture of Devon & I from our Anniversary date two weeks ago. (Our computer was out of commission for a while, so I didn't have picture uploading capabilities for a while.)


EE said...

Just wait until you have a 3rd... then you get to experience 2 ganging up on one;) Poor Griffin always seems to get the shaft at our house.
Love the anniversary picture... you guys make a gorgeous couple!!

The Casady Clan said...

Thank you! Yeah, the 3rd child is still up for discussion! :)