Wednesday, September 08, 2010

...and my Preschooler

Rory started preschool yesterday. A year earlier than I started Cameron, but she's ready, wanting to follow in big sister's footsteps. She's going twice a week, from 9-1. First day was a success, but I wasn't at all surprised. She doesn't take as long to acclimate to a new situation as Cameron does. The teachers said she did great and were impressed by all that she already knows...colors, letters, numbers, etc. So proud!


LaurieJo said...

I'm so glad that school is such a hit with both your girls! They are growing into such sweet and enjoyable girls! Great job, Leash!

Grandma Casady said...

Cami(and Mom and Dad) did a great job of preparing her sister for success in preschool. Rory is eager to learn and meet new people. I am glad to see her having a good time at school. And she is so darn cute!