Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

So, I'm a little behind in my posts. We had a very Happy Valentine's Day! Jordan & Chris came over a couple of days before and gave the girls gifts. A nightgown and cookie mix for Cami and an adorable spring dress for Rory! They also brought gifts from my Dad that he had left the last time he was here. An Elmo mini-lunchbox with cookies inside and for Rory, the QT Pie heart box with chocolates, which we got to eat of course. :)

On Valentine's Day, Devon surprised me with a card, a single rose and a gift card for tennis shoes! He had it all set up very cute with the rose connected by fishing line to a shoe box under the table with the gift card inside. I know tennis shoes don't sound very romantic, but they are ones I really wanted when I saw them, so it was perfect for me! I love so much when he remembers something I've said I'd like to have! He also left the girls plastic hearts with candy inside. Once again, we got to enjoy the M&M's instead of Rory! I know Valentine's Day is a very commercial holiday, but it is still nice to feel special and loved on that day. I am blessed to have an amazing husband who I love so dearly and who loves me in return. Not to mention, two beautiful daughters who I love so much as well!

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