Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kid Speak

Cameron has been greatly expanding her vocabulary and adjectives are used abundantly in her conversations. Amazing, incredible, awesome, totally cool, even terrible have been heard on multiple occasions this week. She cracks us up everytime she uses one. It is just too grown-up! She also uses, "well", quite a bit. As in, "Well, I'm just playing, "well, let's do (blank)", and even just "well, ok." I love it!

As for Rory, she has been saying "Dada" for quite some time now and we know she understands who "Dada" is even if she does babble it over and over. She will look at Devon and say it very clearly. I understand that this is the easiest syllable for babies to say, therefore the first, and I do think it's adorable, but God had quite the sense of humor on this one. Since, it seems, moms are still expected to do much of the work involving their children. For example, today Devon took Rory to a restaurant bathroom for a diaper change and there was no changing table in the men's restroom. I will note that not all restaurants are like this, but I still end up being pleasantly surprised when there is one available for men to use because more often than not, they are missing. It's 2008, Dads are involved now, give them a changing table, too!

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