Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up...once again.

I'm so bad at this blogging thing. I thought I would be good. I like to write and I love to get my thoughts out by way of journaling. I thought this would be a good venue to just share what I'm thinking and yet it the majority of the posts are about what's going on with our family. Which is fine, I guess. It keeps people informed, but then I'm always behind on sharing what's going on as well. Oh well, a work in progress, I suppose.

Anyway, the big development that's happened is that Cami started her Pre-K preschool class. At this moment, she is finishing up her 2nd week. See how behind I am? The first two days I dropped her off, she loved it! Then the 3rd day came and tears and screaming were involved. Heartwrenching! Of course, she ended up being fine and did not have to come home or anything, but the tears have come each drop off time this week as well. I think the crying period is shortening, but it's still hard. I know she likes it and participates and she will almost always share something about her day. Just this morning as we were packing her lunch, she told me her favorite things were playing outside & Bible class! Here are a few pictures of her first day...

Walking in with Rory

A little shy at first

Checking it out

Finally, a smile!

Rory didn't want to leave her sister at school

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