Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a busy Easter weekend. We were able to take the kids to Eggzzstravaganza on Friday night for a "sneak preview" with other staff & volunteer kids that were not able to participate on Saturday. The girls had a great time checking out all the rooms. My friend, Tricia, was the creative genius behind it and it was incredible! There was a glow-in-the dark mininature golf room, an obstacle course, a Big 12 Shootout and Baby Nascar (toddler roller coasters) to name a few. The girls especially enjoyed the Baby Nascar room. Rory would have stayed in there the whole time had there not been other kids wanting a turn.

Saturday, the girls & Devon spent the day in Ashland working on his dad's roof (well, just Devon) while I spent the day at church helping at Eggzzstravaganza and Kidcrest. I was incredibly moved by the Kidcrest service. We have amazing volunteers back there who consistently show their heart for Jesus through their words and actions.

Sunday morning, the girls enjoyed their Easter baskets, but I'm proud to say that Cami knows that "God's Son" is the answer to this question: "What is Easter really about?" She was also able to tell me about the story book she made with pictures of the Last Supper, the cross & the empty tomb. Yeah!

Of course, we never got a picture of them together. We were running late before church and Cami wouldn't cooperate. Then after church when she would, Rory had chocolate on her dress. :)

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