Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bible Stories

Since moving up to the 4 and 5-year-old class at church, Cami has been loving Kidcrest even more (if that's possible)! She doesn't always tell us what she has learned, but today was a special treat, possibly because she heard it three times this weekend since Devon & I both worked all services.

Me: What was your lesson about today?

Cami: Well, our story was about a father and he had two sons. One son took all of his dad's money and then he spent it all. He fed some pigs and then he was going to eat their mud. Yuck! He went home and his father threw a big party to celebrate.

Me: That's a great story. Thanks for telling me!

Cami: Our Bible verse is(as she does the actions she was taught), "The son wants to tell others about the Father." Luke 10:22

She remembered the entire verse by herself along with the reference! I'm so proud, which is of course why I'm bragging about her on the blog.


Brian said...

Blake came home with the same story today. His take home was "Even when I make bad choices, God loves me a lot."


Jordan said...

That's great! I love it!

EE said...

Awwww!!!! She's awesome!!!

CrazyDeb said...

LOVE IT!!! I love being part of a church that teaches children the Bible in ways they can remember it. Thanks for being a part of it!