Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Walking and Whatnot

It has been mentioned to me by a couple of people who read my blog and have seen Rory recently that she is most definitely walking. This is contrary to what I posted about a month ago. So, in keeping with updating you about my kids...hey, Rory is walking! She really started around her 1 year birthday, but it was never anything consistent. She would take some steps, then fall back to her hands and knees and crawl her little heart out. However, as time progressed, she began walking more and more and though she still crawls occasionally, Devon and I have marveled at how much she is really walking almost all the time now. It is a lot of fun to see her grow up like she is, yet she still looks so tiny walking around!

Other than that, nothing too exciting has been going on in the life of the Casady's. We are loving the summer and warm weather, hanging out with friends and family and just enjoying life. We spent some time with our friends Niki & JP Friday night. They were house-sitting for the Mitchell family, so we got to play with their new puppy, Suki, which the girls loved. As you can see, Cami wanted to wear her fairy princess dress for the night, and who can really blame her?

Saturday we went to the Cherry Hill Festival for a couple of hours. We ate free hot dogs and drinks provided by Cherry Hill Dental, browsed the stands of local artists, let Cami jump in the bounce house and saw my sister as Johnny Banks again. No pictures this time around, but let's just say Cami was still not loving her Aunt Jordan in that costume.


Jordan said...

someday she'll learn to love JB!

Anonymous said...

if i had a fairy dress i would wear it ALL the time!!