Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bon Jovi Rocks!

Well, the big concert was last night and it did not disappoint. Daughtry opened for Bon Jovi and was very good. Then, there they were...Bon Jovi! Those guys can still rock and sound AMAZING! They did a great set of songs, most of my faves...You Give Love a Bad Name, Bad Medicine, Always, Home, It's My Life, Livin' On a Prayer, I'll Be There For You (props to Richie), the list goes on. And Jon...he not only sounds good, he still looks good, ladies. Too bad I didn't have girlfriends with me to share a few moments of adoration. I was lucky to have my wonderful husband with me, though. We didn't exactly have the BEST seats in the house, so people behind us weren't as enthusiastic about standing up even when we did. They never complained, but they didn't join us either. Hello, people, it's a rock concert! Not to mention the group of 6 to our left that had to squeeze past us to get beer more often than not. Good times. However, it was still a great night and a great birthday present!


LaurieJo said...

Glad it was fun. Sounds like a good time for a true Bon Jovi fan. :)

EE said...

I'm so jealous!!!!